Return Of Smartpart 1.2 Properties, Toolpart VB.NET

Oct 8, 2007 at 5:44 PM
Can anyone give me an example of implementing a property in Smart part 1.2 using VB.NET.

I just want to add a property Called 'Image' and I type the name in a tool part textbox, maybe a description as well.

I have seen earlier demo's referencing the smartpart.dll but with 1.2 im wondering if its any different. Also im not developing on the server so I don’t have the DLL in the same location as the server (unless anyone can tell me where to put it on my development Pc to emulate the server) and then I could reference it?!? (im on VS 2005/XP)

Any help greatly appreciated, this is such a great product.
Also is the source available?