Gridview's hyperlink connection to/from SmartPart

Apr 3, 2008 at 1:56 PM
Hello everyone.

Since this is my first post here, try to bear with me and I'll try and explain my problem as well as I possibly can.

So here's the issue:
I have two user controls inside two different smartparts on the same page. The first user controls has a gridview which retrieves it's data from a SQL database(with a predefined query) and has multiple HyperLinkFields defined.
The second user control also has a gridview with data coming from SQL database and a few hidden fields.
I would like to use the hyperlink-data from the first gridview in a hidden field. E.g. a user clicks a hyperlink in the first control and the information behind that hyperlink is transferred to the hiddenfield of the second control.

I cannot seem to be able to define the AjaxConnectionString straight to the HyperLinkField -properties inside the gridview, but is it possible to handle the connection between the HyperLinkField and the hiddenfield some other way?
I can't reference the hyperlinkfield straight in an AjaxConnectionString in my vb code, because it requires a control to be used as its second argument...or can I?

If anyone can help me with this issue it would be highly appreciated.

I'm using ReturnOfSmartpart, VS 2008 and VB.

-Pekka Kinnunen