SmartPates Cannot PROVIDE values to BDC WebParts !

May 18, 2008 at 7:33 AM
First of all,
Thank you JAN for this Extra Ordinary Effort implementing this great feature,

secondly, I tried the Smart Part and it worked fine with me as long as im connecting 2 SmartPart together,

"But there is one issue:"
but in my case ,, i need to connect a one SmartPart to a BDC list (which will recieve it's filter parameters from the SmartPart) ,,  when i tried to do that i noticed that it's not possible to add a connection between My SmartPart & the BDC List ,,

"Also I noticed that:"
If the I had a SmartPart and it's a PROVIDER .. then the coinsumer it can connects to HAD TO be a SmartPart !
If my SmartPart was a CONSUMER .. then the Provider can be nearly any webpart (SmartPart , normal filter, BDC filter ...)

so is there a solution for this issue ?

any help is appreciated,


Best Regards
Fuad Taha