Getting Error while adding more then one Smart Parts or upadating any property of the webpart

Nov 24, 2008 at 3:43 PM
I have installed Return of Smart Part 1.3 (64 bit) with following configuration of server
Windows Server 2008 (64 bit)
SQL Server 2008 (64 bit)
MOSS 2007 with SP1 (64 bit)

I am getting error when I try to add more then one smart part in to the same zone, page behaves diffrently like it says this page is modified by another user so refresh the page.
If I refresh the page and try to add the webpart in to the zone I got the error as below:

Unable to add selected webpart(s)
SmartPart: Exception occured (Exception from HRESULT: Ox80020009 (DISP_E_EXCEPTION))

How can I solve this issue?

thanks in advance

Ibrahim K