Smartpart not working for NON admin users.

Nov 29, 2008 at 6:59 AM

First of all many thanks for creating such a wonderful tool which helps the SharePoint Developers a lot. I am currently implementing the SmartPart on our SharePoint Portal and am facing a very peculiar problem while using AJAX functionality.
I will explain all the steps I did and what and where the problem arises.

1. We have made the user controls in .NET 2.0 which has some logic and gets the data from the Oracle DB.
2. Have placed the Script Manager in the Master Page of the SharePoint portal and the Update Panels in the user controls.
3. Then have placed the Ajax Control Toolkit DLL in the GAC.
4. In web.config file have placed all the necessary tags to implement AJAX in sharepoint.
5. Now we use the SmartPart and integrate the user control on the page.
6. Once done we open the URL in the new browser session and in the popup box of username and password we enter the username ex Admino who is the domain controller and the site admin.
7. we go to the page on which AJAX user control is present.
8. we do many index change events in the combo box present and the it works perfectly fine and page does not postback and the new values are fetched from the db.
9. So till now everything is fine. Now comes the main problem
10. Once through with this we close the browser session and start one new browser session.
11. In this session we open the same URL as in the above step.
12. In the popup box for entering the username and password we enter a user which is not an Admin user. Lets say i have created a simple user in the AD and in the sharepoint put that user to a group with the rights "Contributor". So we use this user this time and enter the details in the box.
13. We go to the same page where the AJAX user control is present and to some item change events in the combo box. But this time the AJAX fails to work.

I have tried the same thing with many different users belongin to different users but in vain. I even put the users as a member of WPG groups and IUSER too but still fails to work properly and works only for the Admino user.

Could you please help me in this.Quick reply will be appreciated.

Sumeet Gandhi