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SmartPart v1.3 can not load ascx files from usercontrols directory on MOSs 2007


I followed your video to install SmartPart v1.3 on MOSS 2007. I came across two problems. When I first went to the Tool Pane to add the SmartPart, it said that it couldn't find the usercontrols directory in the ...\Virtualdirectories\myCollection, so I copied the usercontrols directory from wwwroot to there. Now when I go to add the SmartPart, under User control to display, it lists all of the ascx files in the usercontrols directory and says for each "Could not load file file.ascx." Each asx file in the usercontrols directory can be opened by Wordpad. What is wrong? Can you help?


Makron wrote Nov 6, 2009 at 7:31 PM


Well this error is a little general, and is not so specific, but some related causes about it could be:
  1. Lost references to an specific assembly or assemblies.
  2. Some unreachable code at load event of your control.
  3. Referenced 3.5 libraries in the code behind of the user controls.
  4. Some assemblies must be declared as Safe Assemblies in the MOSS web.config, in order to execute some custom code. The assemblies must be placed at GAC.
Hope this helps. But if you're continued experience these problesm, send me the code of the user controls, then I can help you a lot more.

Best regards...!!!

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ash_maya wrote Dec 30, 2016 at 7:09 AM

I am facing a problem with the Ajax smart part in our site. It's a SharePoint 2013 site.
After adding Ajax smart part to a Share point page and when I try to open the tool pane of smart part all the user controls are not getting loaded there. It shows "Could not load Usercontrol_01.ascx " is shown in the drop down for selection.

Please suggest the solution to this issue.

Thanks in Advance :)